Our Agents & Brokers

"We have roots, where others have branches." This approach can best be seen at Virginia Realty Partners through the professionals who represent us and this philosophy in the relationships they nurture.  They share true conviction and dedication to safeguarding and advancing what we call “CBI” – Clients’ Best Interest.  


We are honored to introduce them to you here:

Bill Burke

Principal Broker

Bill is the Managing Partner of Virginia Realty Partners with 40+ years experience in commercial and residential practise.



Mike Frowen


Associate Broker

Mike launched into real

estate in 1991 and is experienced in areas of title, business brokerage, construction and commercial transactions. He has a good handle on how markets work to protect his clients.



Peggy Burke

Associate Broker

Peggy is a dedicated 34 year veteran real estate professional, and is ready to guide and assist you in buying or selling your home.



Rich Juliano

Associate Broker

Rich loves people and is known for the way he practices the residential, retail, commercial and restaurant services areas of real estate. Rich truly “knows his way around” and is eager to help you.