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Bill Burke handled his first worship property transaction in the late 90's while acting as the purchaser's broker.  The selling pastor handled his own negotiations.  How overwhelmed he was by the work, energy, time and expertise that was required, left a powerful impression on Bill about the importance of having professional church real estate expertise involved in these transactions.

Over the past twenty years in working with many church and

worship property real estate transactions, Bill's experience has

given him the capacity to patiently work through the processes

involved with the many people that need to be integrated and

establish the coaching, negotiating, and navigation of the steps

to accomplishing a successful transaction:

The types of transactions we can offer guidance on are:

 As the president of Titus Institute for Church Planting,  Bill Burke

has had the privilege of associating with some of the finest leaders

in the church planting movement and lend his expertise and 

knowledge to impacting the world.

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